Viviane Hernandez &
Armando Mora

We believe in giving life to objects.

Viviane & Armando

Design VA is the result of the work of a marriage, a friendship, and a team that found through design a way to bring back and nurture their inner child. The child that every adult needs to remember how to enjoy leisure moments, to continue dreaming of achieving everything that sounds absurd and utopian, to be endlessly curious, and to never stop asking what, how, and why? We seek to create designs that bring ordinary objects to life by developing an identity, character, or personality, thus making them extraordinary.

We believe that change and movement will always be constant. That is why at Design VA we have begun to explore how we can integrate these constant values into our designs for tomorrow’s home. We invite you to visualize our world and share your opinion. Our most beloved belongings are those with which we have lived valuable memories and stories. Thus we seek to create objects that relate to humans and develop a connection with their users. Designed pieces meant to last and keep us company while we cherish them.

Viviane Hernandez and Armando MoraViviane Hernandez and Armando Mora
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