The Comalli Dining Table is a design masterpiece born out of a desire to revive the vanishing art of genuine family connection and togetherness, particularly in the face of the challenges brought on by the COVID era. In a time when screens infiltrate our lives and privacy becomes scarce, Comalli emerges as a spark of hope, creating a sanctuary for meaningful interactions and shared experiences.

Derived from the ancient Nahuatl language, the name “Comalli” pays homage to one of the oldest kitchen instruments in Mexican culinary history—a disc-shaped implement traditionally placed atop firewood. This design inspiration serves as a profound reminder of our ancestral roots and the cherished rituals of gathering around a central hearth, where stories are shared and bonds are forged.

Size: 47 in (L) x 47 in (w) x 29 in (h).
Ebonized Oak Top with Polished Bronze Base.
Available upon request.

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