Photograph by Lola Álvarez Bravo (1944)

Lolo & Lola

The Xoloitzcuintle is an ancient Mexican breed. This dog has been our best friend for many generations of our ancestors. They were considered lucky amulets in their journey to the world of the dead. These sculptures represent the male and female versions of the Xoloitzcuintle dogs. They symbolize success and prosperity in a person's life path.

Viviane & Armando
Adele, Xoloitzcuintli. Picture taken by "The Dog Show".
Mictlán's 9 stages
Viviane & ArmandoViviane & ArmandoViviane & Armando

Lolo is the male xoloitzcuintle of the couple and a very strong, alert, and loyal guardian of his home.

Lola is the female xoloitzcuintle of the couple and a very sweet, charismatic, and loyal guardian of her home. Lola is the most loving dog you’ll meet.

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Viviane & Armando
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