Just as the mythical creature, Medusa, possesses a seductive and powerful presence, this coatrack is a remarkable piece that exudes an undeniable charm, offering both functionality and flexibility for users of all ages. Its soft curvy shape and varying heights make it a versatile addition to any space, seamlessly blending beauty and utility.

But heed this warning: Medusa’s true magic lies in her snake-like hooks, which come to life when you engage with them. As you hang your coats, scarves, and accessories, the serpentine hooks seemingly awaken, adding a touch of enchantment to your everyday rituals. This whimsical interaction brings an element of surprise and delight, transforming a mundane task into a captivating experience.

Size: 25 in (L) x 25 in (w) x 68.5 in (h)
‍Materials: Powder-coated aluminum in white or terracotta. For the wooden components, choose from any of these woods: Walnut, maple, mahogany, ash, and oak.

‍Available upon request.

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