Piezas coffee tables and tiles

The collection of Piezas consists of a series of home objects inspired by the world of puzzles. This peculiar and challenging game brings satisfaction to people of all ages, inviting us to participate in reflective and educational activities where we assemble drawings, photographs, or other works of art. By putting together a puzzle, we stimulate our logical thinking, memory, and imagination.

Piezas was created especially for puzzle enthusiasts looking for unique, artistic, and historical options. The collection is made up of three types of puzzle pieces that take the shape of coffee tables and tiles, designed to elevate interior spaces with exclusive, unique, and unrepeatable works of art infused with the beauty of natural surfaces.

Pieza 1:
Size: 26.00 in (L) x 26.00 in (w) x variable height.
Pieza 2:
Size: 39.40 in (L) x 26.00 in (w) x variable height.
Pieza 3:
Size: 39.40 in (L) x 39.40.75 in (w) x variable height.

Heights available: 10.25in, 12.25 in, 14.25 in, 16.25 in.
Materials: Tzalam wood / Stainless steel with marble or solid surface top.

All the pieces are made to order and available upon request.

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