Sol, folding dining table

Sol reinterprets the classic branded metal and tin tables found in local restaurants and “taquerias”, elevating functionality to sculptural elegance. This polished stainless steel table, offers dining for six while serving as a mirrored surface that inverts the world of Santa Tere. Poetically, it reminds us of the duality between everyday reality and a more elitist perspective. The irony lies in the fact that while the table is inspired by a popular Mexican community, only those who have access to it will be reflected by its surface. This contradiction, inherent in design, prompts contemplation on fairness and access.

Size: 78 in (L) x 36 in (w) x 30.5 in (h).
Weight: 260 Lbs.
Materials: Polished stainless steel.

Price: 18,000 USD.
‍Available upon request.

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