Tere Chandelier

Tere, is the first element from the Tianguis Collection. It finds its inspiration in the hanging shoes that adorn electrical cables, a common sight on the streets of Santa Tere, Guadalajara. Beyond their association with crime, these shoes also symbolize transition and memory. With Tere, we transform these everyday objects into exquisite light sources, capturing their playful and mysterious essence.

Though the shoes hanging from the wires may seem worn and forgotten, they add a unique charm to the Santa Tere neighborhood year-round. Inspired by these overlooked objects, we sought to transform them into valuable, polished shoes that would endure for years. Crafted from durable materials, these transformed shoes will maintain their appearance for centuries with proper care, becoming cherished treasures for generations to come.

Size: 40.5 in (L) x 8 in (w) x 30 in (h).
Weight: 22 Lbs.
Materials: Polished stainless steel, polished bronze, resin.

Price: 10,000 USD. (10 shoe size chandelier shown above).
Size can be customized (Add or subtract shoes).
‍Available upon request.

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