Tribu one module
Tribu three modules

The modular sofa, Tribu, is a stunning testament to the innate human desire for collaboration and the power of community. Inspired by the fundamental need for connection and coexistence, this exceptional sofa redefines the boundaries of comfort and versatility within the context of modern, space-conscious homes. With its innovative design and transformative capabilities, Tribu stands as a symbol of adaptability and fluidity.

Size: 29.5 in (D) x 22.5 in (W) x 34.5 in (H). Seat height: 17.5 in
Materials: Choose and combine from any of these solid woods for wooden components: Walnut, maple, tzalam, and oak. Cushions are made with a combination of high resilience foam, cotton and wool with horse hair, or goose down.

Available upon request.

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