Tutú Stools

Tutu is not an ordinary stool. It was designed with a specific personality in mind, one that exudes elegance and grace. As a sister piece of the Walky Chair, Tutu was inspired by the figure of a ballerina.

We visualized that a stool that is tall and elegant should embody the classic image of a ballerina - long legs, stylized figure, and delicate movements that exude lightness and grace. Tutu was explicitly inspired by the second position, “En Pointe,” which is why it proposes a poetic energy that aims to beautify the world of interiors, just as a ballerina embellishes the stages on which she performs.

Bar stool Size: 20.50 in (L) x 18.00in (w) x 40.50 in (h)
Counter stool Size: 20.50 in (L) x 18.00 in (w) x 36.50 in (h)
Multiple material combinations
Available upon request.

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