Walky walking on Forsyth. Design VA.
Walky Front View. Design VA.
Walky side view. Design VA.
Walky front view. Design VA.
Walky side view. Design VA.
Walky front view. Design VA.
Walky side view. Design VA

Size: 20.75 in (L) x 17.75 in (w) x 30. in (h).
Seat Height: 17.75in
Materials: Choose and combine from any of these solid woods: Walnut, maple, mahogany, ash, parota, and oak.

Available upon request.


Walky chair

Walky logo. Design VA

The story of Walky began with the words “Café Bistro,” specifically to the classic image of a charming café on the Champs Elysées in Paris. The aroma of an exquisite coffee accompanied by a baguette or a croissant while observing people strolling through the city streets is an experience that resonates with us. This essence is precisely what Walky is inspired by. 

It represents our interpretation of that dynamic experience, translated into the comfort of a chair, for going to a café wouldn’t be as magical without the presence of others and the opportunity to delight in observing the city and its inhabitants in their random activities, be it for a few hours or even an entire day.

Walky on a Patio
Viviane & Armando

While riding the subway...

Viviane & ArmandoWalky shooting. Design VA.

Despite its complex design and construction, its appearance remains organic and easily comprehensible. Walky is crafted from handcrafted solid wood pieces that come together thanks to a spinal column that governs its structure, much like us, human beings.

However, the most distinctive feature that gives character to this chair is its shoes. These are instantly recognizable to the human eye and are the first aspect that captures our attention, allowing us to establish a connection with a person, our own experiences, and memories. 

Walky and Comalli dining setViviane & Armando

In essence, Walky is an artful celebration of our shared experiences, seamlessly blending the charm of a café in Paris with the comfort and warmth of a chair, evoking pleasant memories and personal associations. If this chair also brings a smile to your face, then it has already fulfilled its objective, which is to evoke a reaction based on recollection.

Walky NYC X Design 2020 Winner. Design VA.Walky IDA Design Awards Bronze Winner 2020. Design VA.Walky A' Design Award Winner 2021 Bronze. Design VA.Walky Best of Year Winner 2020. Design VA.
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