Walky walking on Forsyth. Design VA.
Walky Front View. Design VA.
Walky side view. Design VA.
Walky front view. Design VA.
Walky side view. Design VA.
Walky front view. Design VA.
Walky side view. Design VA
Walky measures. Design VA.

Size: 20.71 in (L) x 17.70 in (w) x 30.10 in (h)
Materials: Choose and combine from any of these solid woods: Walnut, maple, mahogany, ash, parota, and oak.

Available upon request.

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Walky chair

Walky logo. Design VA

Walky is a chair we designed as a reinterpretation of a bistro chair. We got inspired by the cafes in the big cities around the world and by a particular activity that people enjoy doing there: sitting and seeing other people walking on the street. For Walky, we wanted to freeze the moment of movement when a person is walking and translate that motion to an ordinary chair by giving it legs with feet.

As a result, we got a chair that naturally speaks to people because of its movement, whimsical nature, and the memories it evokes in the users. Sitting in Walky is an entirely different experience than sitting in other chairs. 

Viviane & ArmandoViviane & Armando

When Walky is placed with other siblings, they create a chaotic and playful sense of community within spaces. Walky was envisioned to serve public areas where people are the protagonists. 

Viviane & ArmandoViviane & ArmandoWalky on a Patio
Walky shooting. Design VA.

Walky is an entirely hand-made chair with solid hardwood connected by a laminated spine that functions as the main structure and connector of its components. Its shoes are the most fun element to play with, material-wise, since that is what gives the contrast and personality needed for any environment.

These shoes can also be hand-turned from either natural or dyed hardwood or, in a more luxurious version, machined and polished with beautiful metals such as aluminum, bronze, brass, or stainless steel. 

Walky and Comalli dining setViviane & Armando
Walky NYC X Design 2020 Winner. Design VA.Walky IDA Design Awards Bronze Winner 2020. Design VA.Walky A' Design Award Winner 2021 Bronze. Design VA.Walky Best of Year Winner 2020. Design VA.
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